Dedicated DJ


Can your party go on if your DJ doesn't appear? Can you host an insane party? Can your teachers and students easily locate and play music?

* A compelling story

We understand how time consuming and difficult it is to run a dance studio or ballroom. The simple truth is there is never enough time to do everything and the job of music and parties can be overwhelming. We understand how difficult it is for even committed DJs to keep fresh music on hand and keep a party going. While few studios can commit the time and resources required to keep music current ddj-3g simplifies music management and makes all music instantly accessible.

Teachers & Students In many studios teachers and students have access to a Dancing DJ player such as ddj-3g. In some cases teachers and students build their own playlists. Studios note an increase in practice time and floor time rental. ddj-3g playlists significant advantages over iPod or other media player allowing powerful operations like looping a song segment while increasing playback rate as the practice continues. Another benefit to the studio is that teachers, students and DJs often find it convenient to consolidate their music on a studio computer.

DJs ddj-3g simplifies the DJ process and allows more people to work as DJs. Outside DJs will have the option of bringing their own computer or simply bringing their music and database on a memory stick and playing from the studio computer.

Parties ddj-3g can handle entire parties unattended. Established playlists can be recycled, perhaps with just a few minor changes. Since everything plays exactly like the playlist precribes and Marquee or dance announcements are automatically handled there is an illusion that a real person DJ is in attendance. While this is not our normal recommendation DJs are not always necessary for every party and if a DJ doesn't show the party can go on

Raising the Bar

More Dancers, More Profits
ddj-3g is an easy, in-expensive addition to any studio. It will quickly improve your music and your music access. ddj-3g will improve studio operations, increase studio profits and improve your competitive position. While ddj-3g operates very nicely without a remote display, we believe that misses the real benefits of this player and leaves money on the table.

Remote Display One of the most powerful features of ddj-3g is the integrated handling of remote displays. Remote displays are inexpensive, easy to install, add energy to a party and help communicate with the dancers. As a studio owner you will find that a projector or HDTV is the easiest, lowest cost, lowest maintenance and most flexible lighting than can be added.

Marquee In many environments, such as ballroom, the Marquee is highly valued by the dancers. Overall, our experience tell us that next to good music and a good dance partner, the marquee is the next most important thing to the dancers. Once the dancers see it, they like it and will return for it. The Marquee is totally integrated and requires no special attention.

Your Message Will Be Seen Dancers check the marquee multiple times during a dance, usually when a dance starts, when it is ending and often in-between to see the remaining time on a dance. They will tell you they really like the marquee and like the visibility on what is happening. As a DJ, it will also allow you to add more energy to the night with images or videos, promote your services or post a message about a lost earring.

* Compelling story There are three major ballrooms in the greater San Francisco Bay Area and all are in a small 3 mile radius in the Oakland East Bay area. All three ballrooms compete for social ballroom dancers and dancers regularly travel to all three ballrooms from the much greater SF area.

Two of these ballrooms are long time (10 yrs+) users of Dancing DJ and DJs regularly use Dancing DJ in the other ballroom. We like to think we contributed to this high concentration of dancers and we like it when people tell us that.