Dedicated DJ


It's Your Party

Can your player remember your settings for volume, stop and start points, fades and can you adjust tempo without affecting pitch? Does your present player have any real abilities other than simply playing music?

Isn't it nice? We recognize as a DJ you need to start the party, set the mood and keep the energy going. With crowd changes, song requests, volume changes and much more you can at times feel like you are running at the edge of a bubble. Without a doubt, you have it all under control?

Easy to Use ddj-3g is easy to load and use. Just drag-drop your music to one of the grids or use one of the iTunes playlists on your computer and you will have assembled your first playlist in only a few minutes. All control settings can be made as the song is played and will be remembered to your playlist.

Smart ddj-3g was built for for working DJs to control and enhance the party experience. Some example DJ aids include an elapsed time limitert1, Relative Tempo2, display of time stamped history and summary and integrated Marquee. Compare this player to your iTunes, WMP or Winamp experience.

Powerful ddj-3g offers instant access to multiple que paths making the next song or song request instantly available. Since ddj-3g automatically captures song settings you can be sure the music will play volume leveled, rate correct and where and when it should. ddj-3g stands above other players in offering song control so precise that most songs will not require any physical editing. Since the integrity of the original song is never compromised the same song can be played differently on separate playlists.

Raise the Bar As a DJ you should be recognized as the Party Force and ddj-3g will help assure that. Adding a remote display3 will immediately 'Raise the Bar' and with the Marquee will be immediately available. You will find dancers start using the Marquee from the first night they see it. As a DJ you will appreciate that the Marquee is updated automatically and takes no extra effort or attention.

Your Message will be Seen Dancers check the Marquee multiple times during a dance, usually when a dance starts, as it is ending and often in-between to see the remaining time on the current dance. Dancers will tell you they really like the marquee the heads up on what's happening next. As a DJ it will also allow you to add more energy to the night with some images or videos, promote your services or post a message about a lost earring.

1 Elapsed Time Limit When the global song limiter is set (recommended) all songs without a specified stop point or a limit override will fade out when the elapsed time limit is reached. ddj-3g automatically accounts for delayed starts time so all songs will play for the desired elapsed time (e.g. 3 minutes).

2 Relative Tempo ddj-3g is unique in it's ability to recognize different genres and indicate if the tempo is appropriate for the dance. Rate adjustments are a simple no-glitch slider adjustment that dancers are unlikely to notice as pitch is not affected.

3 Remote Display While remote displays usually take the form of projectors or HDTVs they also add lighting energy to the party. While not able to replace all other lighting they should be considered as one of the first lighting investments. Both are cheaper, easier to install, require less maintence and more flexible than conventional DMX or other lighting. As a traveling DJ you will find the new class of LED projectors particularly reliable and easy to add.