Dedicated DJ

Teacher DJ  

For Students and Competitors
Maximize your practice time. Select your music and press Play.  Extend your dancing by queuing up additional music titles to follow.  To practice choreography click on Loop, in the detail view, set your desired start and stop points and  the loop count and press Play

For Teachers
Since Teacher DJ memorizes your settings (such as volume and playback rate) on each of your music titles you can be sure your music will be played correctly. Use the flexible Metronome and Beat Counter features as beat and rhythm aids or to establish the tempo.  It is even possible to add your own video training clips (training tapes, VCDs, etc.).  Training videos can be played back at any speed including single step mode. 

For the Studio
Put away your expensive variable speed CD player and put your CDs in safe storage. Teachers have easy, convenient access to all studio supplied or approved music or they can add their own music. Multiple teachers or students sharing the same floor or music system can add their music to the play queue. Each teachers' music will still be played, in queue order, and to their specifications. Location of music titles is easy and far faster than finding and loading CDs. Selecting a certain Dance or sorting the information requires only a simple click on the Dance, Title, Artist, Album or Tempo. And Teacher DJ is music safe, while playlists can be modified or deleted these actions are not reflected back to the music master so no music or music settings can be deleted or altered.

Basic Teacher DJ operations are simple and seldom require any special training. The basic steps are 1) Select the dance genre, 2) Select the title and press Play. Teacher DJ will play the selected song and continue on to the next available music in the grid unless Loop or Single play is selected. Dbl_clicking a song will add it to the queue making it easy to share the player or to build a quick playlist. Teacher DJ allows anyone with system access to built their own playlist. Teacher DJ is iTunes compatible. iTunes playlists synced from an iPod or iPhone are available using iTunes2ddj.

As new music is added to your music library you will want to create new Teacher DJ playlists (TLists). The Music Organizer quickly builds Dancing DJ playlists to your specifications and converts them to a TList. TLists can also be copied and edited within Teacher DJ allowing anyone with system access to create their own custom playlist.

     Metronome                                  Beat Counter


Variable Rate ± 20%
Start / Stop accuracy .1 second
Metronome 30-300 beats/minute (8 to 75 measures/minute)
Loop Count - default 5