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Sync is a versatile plug-in for ddj-3g. From the djV3.mdb database it handles exporting of all or a portion of a music library. Filtering by playlist, artist or genre, both the targeted music and associated video and images can be sent to target drives or to an export playlist. Any music, video or image files not found or appearing invalid will be flagged. Existing media can be skipped or overwritten enabling quick synchronization.

 Standard ID3Tags and other extended control information can be updated on export from more current database information. Songs exported by Sync can be imported to ddj-3g by simple drag-drop and will play exactly as sent with no further adjustments or song editing. (Volume, EQ, start, stop points, rate, etc.)

 Download v3.13.119

Synch Capabilities Include
Backup of library database
Update ID3 tags
Update extended control information to ID3 tags1
Export industry standard M3U playlists
Export or Sync by Playlist, Artist or Genre
Export playlist and music for Import2
Export playlists compatible2 with most music players or computers.

1. Extended control information includes volume, tempo, start and stop points, fade or cut info, etc.
2. Export playlists are compatible with most media players including iTunes, WinAmp and Windows Media Player. Extended control operations are specific to ddj-3g.