(MO) is a powerful collection of tools designed to build and maintain a music library. It is practical for even small music collections that require more control on organizing, reporting on or for playback operations. The Music Organizer is also powerful enough for the largest music collections. The Music Organizer uniquely genre aware and even more specifically dance aware, meaning it understands concepts such as dance type and tempo.  It is flexible enough to let you install your own genre definitions and add data to fields usable for playback control.

A few of the tasks performed by the Music Organizer include:

Music Organizer Menu Details

   File      Genre Genre Order Music   Playlist     MP3     Misc   Help
Delete Music  Edit New Add/Modify from Form New/Reorder Compress Database Contents
Export Delete Add/Modify from grid Test/Profile ID3 Tagger Beat Counter About
Import Quick Add Save/Delete Import Music Test Speakers
Exit Print / Display Import Video

Note -Two recent tools the Crawler and iTunes2ddj now augment the MO to assist loading of music. iTunes2DDJ was designed specifically for users of iTunes and will sync your iTunes playlists to the ddj Suite.

Note. The Music Organizer is designed to maintain dj.mdb, the database used by Dedicated DJ media players. Dj.mdb is a non-proprietary database than can also be maintained or modified with Microsoft Access or other products than understand mdb databases.