This lottery simulation displays random numbers with fanfare and is guaranteed to be fun. After bouncing random numbers at random positions it finally settles on a single winning ball which it both displays and announces. The user need only to enter the lowest and the highest number and press 'Roll'.

Winning numbers will not repeat until all numbers, in the selected range, have been called assuring everyone can be a winner.

Basic Operations
1. Enter the lowest number to call.
2. Enter the highest number to call.
3. Press 'Roll'.... The winning number will be automatically displayed and announced.
4. Continue pressing 'Roll' for new numbers.

Images - Main screen & Voice Tab

  Main   Tab Voice

Lotto Output Screen (click to enlarge)


Download now Aug 11, 1.4MB

Misc Operation Notes

I. Options Box
 1. Grand Prize Winner - Announces the Grand Prize Winner.
 2. Chinese Lucky Ship - Bouncing background is a Chinese Lucky Money envelope with ship picture.
 3. Button Music - Random draw music simulates a game show walk.
 4. Button Clicks - Random draw music simulates wheel clicks.

 II. Show | Hide History
Display a list of the session lucky numbers. Note that it is possible to check the session numbers to denote prizes collected. The grand prize winner has the additional 'Grand' notation.

III. Voice Tab
The voice tab allows selection of any installed voice as well as setting the rate and volume of the announcement.
Text can be typed or pasted into the text box and announced. The following web page shows markup language examples that allow enhanced control within a text file for emphasis, special pronunciation, rate, etc.

Misc Setup Notes
 1. Download and install (setup.exe).
 2. Press button Roll to test.
 3. For audience viewing use a second display such as a large TV display or projector.

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