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I. Fader Rack and Output Monitor


Simple fader racks are basic workhorses of lighting control and work much like a manual board. This 2x16 rack is as easy to use as it looks. Adjust the top bank (Bank A) and the result will be displayed in the ouput monitor window. The lower bank (Bank B) can be  hidden or independently adjusted and quickly swapped active. This rack allows full control of all DMX channels by scrolling across horizontal banks to span the entire 512 DMX channel array. Both banks are easily preloaded with existing cueList cues.

Banks A & B are instantly swapped by pressing either 'Bubble Up' (B to A) or 'Bubble Down' (A to B). This feature facilitates easy saving, setting or swapping of fader settings at any position in the 512 element channel array.

Exact DMX levels are easy to set and the display levels are easily toggled between % and DMX values. Bump buttons for each fader also toggle between full on and full off settings. Custom Bank A header color and text settings are easily saved and loaded from simple text xml files.

II. Cuelists

Light Boogie considers a Cue to be the channel values for some or all 512 possible channels. A Cue is a single line of a Cuelist. Cues facilitate quick and accurate settings of fixtures. A new Cue can be created by adjusting fixture values and saving that configuration copying existing cues or by typing in values. Along with the 512 dmx channel values each Cue has it's own Fade and Hold time values.

Light Boogie also utilizes the concepts of Cuelists and Scenes. Cuelists are lists of Cues quite analogous to song playlists. A single Cuelist can also have Scenes. Scenes are basically two or more cues within the same Cuelist and used to quickly swap moods or effects either manually or automatically. Both Cuelists and Scenes support fade and hold times for accurate swapping and crossfading betwen cues. 

Both Cuelists and Scenes are simple XML files, easily edited and with no size limit. While no external editor is necessary Excel or other xml editors can still be useful for extensive changes such as bumping fixtures assignments on long Cuelists.

CueHot (Filters)


This filter option is a view of the current Cuelist and is opened by pressing the 'Show CueHot' button. Pressing the Filter button allows instant access to all Cues with a name containing any portion of the filter text. Cues can be quickly swapped or stacked from this view.

III. Command Console

The Command Console can be thought of as a supercharger for the Fader Rack. It greatly extends its power, speed and flexibility with many features for stage, show or other complex DMX control situations. The Command Console handles many tasks that are too time consuming, too exacting or too complex to be done manually.

The leftmost column is always visible for quick access to a number of high priority toggles and settings. This includes Blackout and Flash toggles, safe  or 'Idle Cues', pausing of timed crossfades, enabling Immunity and Patches.

 Tasks and options are organized in the following tab pages:   Submasters
Tab Submaster

Tab Submaster contains 12 Submasters, 5 presets for stack (transparent or partial) cues, 5 presets for full swaps and 5 presets for scenes. Submasters faders offer precise control while the other presets are designed to allow quick convenient switching between popular CueList sequences.

Tab Chase

Tab Chase allows chase operations restricted to a designated channel range. The resulting chase can be run at  a designated speed and held to specified floor and ceiling limits. Chase operations continue to work even when Cues are switched.

Preset cues include options like Random, Walking 1-0's, Staggered, Wave, etc. Preset and Cuelist cues can be set to run either at a prescribed tempi.

Tab Cues

Tab Cues is designed to load and run sequentially an entire cuelist or a designated section of a cuelist. Cues can be set to run either in manual mode or auto mode. In auto mode cues are cross faded at the specified rate and advanced after the hold time expires. Every cue in a cuelist has a number and a name and a dmx level for any or all 512 channels. Cues are easily renumbered and sorted.

Tab Scenes

Tab Scenes enables building a grouping of two or more cues to cycle between. Scenes are very powerful and allow a more complex grouping of cues than do chases. They offer precise control of fades and holds and  smooth transitions (crossfades) between cues. Scenes can optionally be initiated and synched to music running from an instance of ddj-3g. This instance of ddj-3g can be running either on the same computer or a networked computer. On the other hand, chases can be constructed to affect on a limited channel range.

Tab Fixtures

Tab Fixture is a table containing the fixtures, the associated fixture dmx range and a fixture descriptions. Click on a fixture and the Fader Rack will highlight the associated values for easy Fader adjustment.

Tab Patch

Tab Patch facilitates both the setting the channel of patch to channels and disable (Immunity) channels. Any DMX channel can be patched to any other and any channel(s) can be disabled. Both patch and disable settings are easily adjusted on the fly and hot-swappable from simple saved lists easily modified with any text or xml editor.

Tab Options allows setting of Watch (Remote Computer) operation. The Watch option allows the selection of either a local or other networked computer to control your chase sequences. With the Watch option enabled it is possible for a remote computer to start, stop chases as well as set the tempo. ddj-3g is capable of fully automated operations whereby lighting follows both the music mood and beat.

Tab Log contains an operational log that should be consulted for any anomalies. The'Misc Docs' buttons will recall user specified Excel or Word files to aid operations.

Installation Tips

Enttec DMX USB ProLight Boogie is compatible with a number of USB-DMX interfaces. Enttec builds adapters that work and there are a number of less expensive interfaces that also work well. Note - It is important that the interface specifies the open source Entecc USB Pro compatibility.

Enttec Enttec USB Pro 

HolidayCoro Actidongle

Note It is not necessary to have an actual hardware interface to test Light Boogie.

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