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Powerful and Friendly ddj-3g has often been described as the most powerful and the most dj friendly of the high performance music and video players. For years, it has stood above the crowd with it's precise song control and video control. This newest version represents over 10 years of development and supports Windows touch screen operations.
Loading music is as easy as dragging selected songs to a grid and pressing the Play button. That’s it. As you play your music you can easily make adjustments to the music volume, tempo, trim the song length, etc. All these changes and many more will be automatically captured and remembered. The next time you startup you will find your adjustments have been captured and your music will play precisely to your specifications. ddj-3g virtually eliminates the need for physically altering the original music.

Play to Genre Tempo Unique to ddj-3g is the ability to automatically play songs at a genre appropriate tempo. Using embedded genre tables and a broad pitch adjustment range most most songs in a music library will automatically play correctly at tempo. This ability takes a huge burden off of a DJ and assures dancers they always have dancable music.

Enhanced playback operation options include touch screen layout, single key hotkeys and remote control devices. Many players allow the remote control2  functions of Play, Pause, Stop and volume control. ddj-3g allows more operations such as accurately moving forward or back in a playlist, setting playback rate and more.

Song control is so precise that you might never need to edit your songs again. Silence detection and settings such as tempo, equalization, start stop points and many others are all applied while you play your music. Your custom settings may be saved to a single playlist and/or your music master library. With this versatility the same song can easily be tailored to different audiences with no song editing.

Remote Displays add energy and 'seriously raises the bar' on the party experience. A unique power of ddj-3g is the seamless integration of remote displays. Simply attach a projector, HDTV or computer monitor and power it on. The Marquee runs automatically with no effort from the DJ. Images and videos are easily added to the mix. Reports are that the Marquee is a #1 favorite. Dancers typically check the Marquee several times on every song and report it improves their dance experience. DJ's and dance studios also benefit from happier dancers, increased repeat business and an easy integrated way to advertise upcoming events and specials.

The 3g Concept refers to 3 play and queue grids. One grid displays all the master library which can easily be filtered or sorted to quickly find a desired song. The other two grids, Instant and Playlist are the main play grids and can be easily switched to the active player at any time. The Playlist grid allows quick retrieval and play of any playlist. Song(s) can be easily copied from the library or playlist to the Instant grid to follow the dancers.

All grids are equally supported and complement each other in all play operations. They easily handle different DJ styles and preferences and allow a DJ to instantly take control over any playlist operation. Since different playlists can play the same songs with different settings it is easy for a DJ to switch moods and do so without  altering song lists.

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