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 V1  *
No longer available

 V2  Dancing DJ Suite  *
Limited availability, XP only. Not recommended for new installations

This product suite has served well for many years, but it's now at the end of it's life cycle. We no longer support V2 as it has superceded by our newer V3 software. V3 software is recommended for all new installations and for all Vista or Windows 7 installations.

If you are currently using V2 software, and wish to continue, you may download and install this final release version. But we encourage you to still consider V3 as it is easier to use and has many operational and performance benefits. Please read the EULA on installation.

Note 1 - V2 still has a few features not yet in V3 but the benefits differences are small and generally outweighed by V3 benefits. Note that Teacher DJ is not available in version V3.
Note 2 - Previous V2 installations may download and replace this single file, DancingDJ.exe for a no expiration copy (check for the gold V2 label).

 Compatibility Note
Please note that the Dancing DJ Suite consists of three pieces and that the database is not compatible with the V3 database.

    will run your music, video and light shows. Just select your music and press the Play button. That's all there is to it. As you play the song, any changes to the volume, bass, treble, and other settings are captured to a Playlist that retains all of your settings. You can sit back and watch the show. As your music plays any scheduled message panel output, video output, announcements, special effects and lighting all happen automatically. You can, of course, override any effect at any time. The casual user will appreciate the ease of operation. Dancers specially appreciate knowing what dances are coming through and both automatic announcements and/or an automatic Marquee are available for that. The DJ will appreciate the ability to control and display tempi appropriate to the dance type. Professional DJs will appreciate the extensive music notation fields, the powerful Playlist capabilities and the ability to construct and adjust Playlists on the run.

    was designed for teacher and studio use and has proved very popular with both. With no special training  both teachers and students quickly learn to select a genre, locate their favorite music and play it. Queuing allows cooperative scheduling between multiple users sharing the same floor or sound space. It is not unusual for studios to log in excess of 100 uses a day on a single computer with Teacher DJ. Several ballrooms have reported over 250,000 total hits and are still going strong. Teacher DJ outperforms iPods and other mp3 players in many areas such as selection ease and cooperative use. Other players are outgunned when it comes to making and retaining critical music adjustments such as tempo changes, looping at set start and stop points, queue the music , etc.

        is a powerful suite of utilities designed to help catalog and organize even the largest music collection. It allows you to add extensive notes and other details as well as custom settings to each music title. Music Organizer offers advanced support for Playlist construction, export / import of Music and Playlists for DDJ and TDJ, advanced tagging as well as custom knowledge base information such as genre and tempi preferences. The Music Organizer database has virtually no limits on number of titles, playlists, etc. and you may even add your own custom fields.

Notes - Teacher DJ and Dancing DJ share the same music database and playlist structure making it easy to push new music from your DJs to Teachers or vice-versa. Teachers and students can make their own teaching or practice playlists adjusting tempi, start, stop points. etc. to their preferences. Both Dancing DJ and Teacher DJ search for their music across all local and mapped network drives making a single copy of your music in a central location possible.

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