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  remote display
                                                          remote display

 Dancing DJ was designed to offer precise control of a music event. It is the flagship product in the Dancing DJ Suite and has been in professional use and constantly upgraded for over 10 years. It now offers the most integrated and enhanced party control of any computer player on the market. Enhanced playlist construction and testing and the extensive support of video, lighting and other features ensure your parties will go as planned and hit new peaks. The image above shows the integrated Marquee. While the Marquee has many uses ballroom dancers particularly appreciate this display to see the upcoming dances allowing them to select their favorite partner or check on the remaining time for the current dance and to better plan their evening. The only complaint we have ever had about the Marquee is that once the dancers get used to it they never want it turned off. The DJ has nothing extra to do but turn it on or turn it off.

Dancing DJ allows you to play music, messages and announcements uninterrupted and continuously. For many parties an attendant DJ might not be necessary. But when available, he or she can quickly assume manual control and handle a special request or otherwise alter the flow. All music played and appropriate DJ actions such as adjustments to volume, bass, tempo, etc are automatically captured and can be converted into a new playlist at any time.

With no queuing delays, trimming of music dead time, integrated voice or visual announcements Dancing DJ outplays any other DJ or DJ system and guarantees your audience a better dance experience. No DJ working from CDs, iPod or mp3 player has a chance of keeping your party rocking at the same level as Dancing DJ.

Dancing DJ
supports all music and video formats of the Windows Media Player.  At the heart of Dancing DJ, is a comprehensive music database that stores, for each music title, both information and control data. Title information includes items such as title, artist, and notes; while control parameters includes items such as volume, bass, treble, video and playback rate settings.

Though very powerful, Dancing DJ is easy to operate. Simply select a desired Playlist and press the Play button, That’s it. Depending on your settings Dancing DJ will announce the dance, locate and play the music at the correct volume and playback rate settings, display the upcoming dances control fades and transition settings between the music and continue operating until you stop it.

The Marquee overlay is designed to aid the dancer.  It automatically displays the next four upcoming dances as well as the remaining time of the current dance, helping dancers plan their next dance or select their next partner.  Though the Marquee will work on a single display computer, a second video display or a TV or video projector will allow it to be easily visible across the largest dance floor.

Video - Dancing DJ can play video clips directly with the sound and video in perfect synch (MTV).  Even after tempo corrections the audio and the video will remain synched.  Video may also be attached to any song.  In this case the audio tracks of the video clip will be  suppressed.



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