The Crawler is a simple efficient want to load or reload your music libraries. While ddj-3g can also be loaded by simple song drag-drops or by drag-dropping selected iTunes records it is often more efficient to use the Crawler.

The Crawler works much like web crawlers threading through specified folders and drives finding matches. Utilizing embedded music tags it quickly loads entire file folders including subdirectories or entire drives both to the master Library as well as to specified playlists. The Crawler is designed to be run repeatedly without repeating existing music references.

The Crawler allows easy construction of multiple Libraries. A Fresh Start is easily accomplished by specifying the New database option while the integrated backup operations allow returning to the original Library.

The Crawler understands most ID3V1 and ID3V2 tag versions as well as current and legacy extended tag information. This assures that both any available song tag info as well as any song control settings will be loaded.

Usage  Simply follow the numbered buttons.

1. Select Music Source
2. Load Music
3. Destination DB as the target database as New or Append to Current.
4. Append to Library
5. Swap to Master has copy options and allows you to use your new target database as the ddj-3g master.

After installation the Crawler will be available both from a desktop shortcut and within ddj-3g from the File > Plug-Ins menu.

The Crawler adds all new references to an MS Access database. While this database is optimized for ddj-3g it can easily be edited, extended or used to generate custom reports. The database and source code have no restrictions on usage. The Crawler source code (VS10 VB) is available by request.

 Download Crawler v3.12.182