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Dance party Experience
Dance parties are our specialty. We provide DJ software, decades of experience and we stay current on the latest music and dance trends. We have had the pleasure of hosting a large variety of parties including corporate, cruise ship and dance competitions, both indoors and outdoors.

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Powering many Bay Area Ballrooms since 1993

Allegro Ballroom is a non-profit public benefit corporation operating since 1993 and has used our services since 1997. It is one of the most popular ballrooms in the San Francisco bay area.  Allegro is a well managed ballroom with superb facilities, a friendly atmosphere, great teachers. It contributes generously to the community.

Dancing DJ runs the weekend parties and Teacher DJ makes thousands of songs available to every teacher or student at no extra charge.

Just Dance Ballroom Has been operating since 1993 and has used our services since 1997. They moved in September 2006 to a brand new large 10,000sf facility on the Oakland waterfront.  It features sprung maple dance floors including a full size competition floor, a large second floor and a great practice area. With first class music systems and extraordinary lighting every event is a memory. Conveniently located, with plenty of well lighted parking it rivals anything in the bay area.

Just Dance Ballroom also uses our software extensively. Both Teacher DJ and Dancing DJ are available on three floors with over 10,000 songs available to teachers and  students alike at no extra charge.

Lake Merrit Dance Center is unique in it's elegance, don't let it's web site fool you. It is located in downtown Oakland on Lake Merritt, a 195 acre lake which is often promoted as the 'Jewel of Oakand'. With towering ceilings and great woodwork it has the perfect ballroom look and feel. Various DJs use Dancing DJ at this facility.


Varieties International
Owner Tony Munoz talks up 18+ years of non-stop daily use by himself and other teachers. This is their original Toshiba portable running the original (V1) version of Dancing DJ.
 Tony's video

Access Dance
Dancing DJ is an absolute MUST for any studio or independent dance teacher. It's so simple and easy! It allows you to quickly and effectively build playlists around your dance business needs so you spend more time on the dance floor teaching! Support is very Impressive. Thank you for this great addition to the dance world! 
Ben Moseley
President of Dance Notions LLC

Hits - By 2010 the Dancing DJ player, Teacher DJ, had exceeded 500,000 hits (song plays) in each of two different ballrooms.

Origin - The first Dedicated DJ program was written out of necessity when Allegro Ballroom was just opening their doors. The available DJ's wanted more money to play their music then was coming through the gate. Despite many early operational and computer issues it was immediately adopted by two ballroooms. With the addition of the marquee ddj became the dj of choice. The marquee beat all other play systems and all stand alone DJs in the ballroom world.