Dedicated DJ


ddj Crawler
The Crawler facilitates loading and reloading of music libraries. While ddj-3g can also be loaded by simple drag-drops from selected files or selected iTunes records it often is more efficient to use the Crawler. The Crawler works much like web crawlers threading through specified folders and drives finding matches. Utilizing embedded music tags it quickly loads entire file folders including subdirectories or entire drives both to the master Library as well as to specified playlists. The Crawler is designed to be run repeatedly without repeating existing music references.

ddj Synch  ddj Synch   
available from the ddj-3g menu  File > Plug-Ins.
Synch is a versatile tool. It handles exporting of all or portions of a library. Filtering by playlist, artist or genre both the targeted music and associated video and images can be sent to a target drive. Any music, video or image files not found or appearing invalid will be flagged.

Toolbox ddj Toolbox   

Toolbox is a collection of tools specific to ddj-3g for maintaining the music library.

Toolbox directly edits the djV3.mdb database and faciliates backup operations, editing of genre definitions, playlist copying and editing, unwanted song removal and even allows for a fresh start from an empty database. It is a recommended install for anyone wanting to view or edit their Library database.

Toolbox also includes ddj Sync. Synch is an indespensible tool for the traveling DJ. It will test and copy all music and associated images and video to a target drive. It also allows a user to filter by playlist, artist or genre and copy the targeted music and associated video and images to a target drive. Any music, video or image files not found or appearing invalid will be flagged.

 Download Toolbox v3.11.170

II. General Purpose

The following app can run stand-alone without ddj-3g.

ddj Lotto Roll

This upscale random number generator is guaranteed to be fun. It simulates a roll of numbered balls and both displays and announces the winning number. You need only enter the the lowest number and the highest number and press 'Roll'. Winning numbers will not repeat until all numbers have been called. Lottery Roll display is animated and full screen, so you will have the best results on computers with a second monitor or attached projector. Lotto Roll utilizes the text to speech capability of your computer and allows you to select any installed voice and adjust both pitch and volume. This application is often used at parties to pick door prize winners.