Dedicated DJ

Building your Music Library

Quick Start

1. It's not efficient to have music scattered all over a computer. We recommend you create a \Music directory (e.g. C\Music) on any of your computer drives and add as many subfolders as you liketo this directory. Note that this folder is different than the Windows Music folder which is actually in the User directory. With all music nicely contained, backup and update operations are greatly simplified.

2. Drag-drop songs from folders in the \Music directory to the ddj-3g Instant grid. Note this music is automatically added to your Library.

3. Play songs, select the playorder and save your first Playlist.

4. You are now ready to update your Playlist with volumes, tempi, start-stop and many other options.

Next Step (Custom Control)
After a song is imported control and other information can be added at any time. Most control information will automatically be saved when songs are played and settings are altered.

Adding Genre
Since the music industry is not consistent on dance genre names you often will be entering your own genre. ddj-3g has an integrated genre table with many popular genres and associated tempi that is easy to modify.

Why Drag-drop Works
Mp3 as purchased from Amazon and other sources has ID3 tag information (title, artist, album, etc.) embedded in the song. This embedded tag information is added to your music library as songs are imported.

Note - The pro version of Dancing DJ includes the Music Organizer which has a powerful export capability that tests all music, video and images and copies them and a database backup between computer or drives.