Dedicated DJ


The Marquee is one of Dancing DJs most popular features. Working from playlist information it requires no attention from a DJ other than turning it on or off. instantly switching with the music and with second by second updates it does a task too time consuming job for any DJ to match.

Popular At a glance, dancers can see the current dance, the upcoming dances and the time remaining for the current dance. This helps dancers select new partners well in advance, schedule their breaks and position themselves for their next dance. ddj-3g can also automatically announce the next dance and the Marquee can be used with or without this announcement. Once experienced, your dancers simply won't let you turn the marquee off.

Entertain & Communicate The Marquee usually takes covers less than 25% of the total display and rides over the display often with transparancy. This leaves ample opportunity for other entertainment and communications. Your message will not be missed as the marquee is checked multiple times for every song.

The psychology of the marquee never ceases to amaze us. While we originally believed it would be an aid for beginning dancers we soon found it was valued by everybody. Nobody wants to look awkward, on the floor, even for the few moments it takes to determine what kind of dance to put to the new music. Dancers quickly discover how to use the marquee to schedule their partners and their break time. You will immediately see the difference in happier more relaxed dancers and better traffic flow.

The Marquee has many optional features such as font selection, color selection, screen placement and even transparency. Transparency is available to allow the display to show background video or images or advertising without being blocked by the marquee. By default, the marquee is set to full transparency for video backgrounds and partial transparency for static images. The Marquee is automatically set to 0% transparency for the first 30 and last 30 seconds of the music assuring the dancers can easily see its information


Marquee Displays

The simplest Marquee is a second computer display. The cost of both projectors and HDTVs has decreased dramatically over the years and the new class of LED projectors eliminates bulb changes. For the dancers, bigger is always better and for that reason we like projectors. When projector mounting or space is a problem or where high ambient lighting is a problem we recommend HDTVs. Either way the Marquee on a remote display will make you money.