Dedicated DJ

Installation Tips

Download  & Install
Installation downloads are distributed as zip files containing one or more files. The main file is setup.exe. The download prompt allows you to Open or Save. Select Open and run setup.exe. You may be prompted to uninstall a previous installation. Most re-installations will not overwrite user data such as the djV3.mdb database or the Light Boogie xml files. Still it is highly recommended to backup all work before proceeding. (e.g. from ddj-3g select File->Backup DB). Backup dbV3.mdb frequently and to a separate remote secure location. 

Microsoft Automatic Updates
The Microsoft .NET framework 4 is used in most ddj products (Version 3.5 is standard on Windows 7). On installation Microsoft will update this Framework application or prompt as necessary.

More Tip Info
(not usually required reading)

Installation General

Note \Program Files equates to \Program Files (x86) for 64 bit computers.

A direct link to the working database location can be found from ddj-3g->File->Preferences->>Misc>'Current working db' or navigate to \Users\<User>\AppData\Roaming\DedicatedDJ\ddj-3g. Note that it is possible to start fresh by copying the empty SMT database (/Program Files/CommonFiles/DedicatedDJ/ddj-3g/djV3-SMT.mdb) to the working directory.

To access the default application directory (e.g c:\Program Files\DedicatedDJ\ddj-3g) make sure Windows has not hidden this directory (Windows Explorer->Tools->Folder Options->View->Hide Protected Files option). If the application installs and runs properly the directory structure can be considered intact.

Installation of Light Boogie
Default Light Boogie installations are to the system drive at Program Files\DedicatedDJ\Lighting. User specific files such as cuelists, startup options, patch lists and fader headings are on the system drive at \Users\<UserName>\AppData\Roaming\DedicatedDJ\Light Boogie\xml. The files in this directory can be directly edited with any text editor or Excel but as AppData is a hidden folder it might be necessary to adjust system settings to unhide the path.

If you are experiencing difficulty connecting to an Enttec DMX controller click here or download this Enttec search utility.

Database (Music Library-Lib)
Most ddj music products share a common database. For V3 applications this database is named djV3.mdb. This Microsoft Access database contains all your music references and settings (but not the actual music). This single .mdb file contains all of your hard work so be sure to back it up frequently, particularly when installing new updates. This database is not protected so it is possible to work directly with it using MS Access.

To support multiple databases on a single computer install ddj-3g to separate user accounts. It is possible to copy the the entire <user>\AppData\Roaming\DedicatedDJ\ddj-3g working directory to a new directory and add a new database.