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Let's start with the idea that you can be a DJ and a good start is a small casual event where the expectations are about having a good time and dancing. Since the basics always begin with knowing your guests you probably are already off to a good start. Your first party might not include video or lighting but it must have a good mix of memorable music and a fast easy way to find and cue requests. While it's possible to play a simple party from an iPod or similar mp3 device the reality is that results are limited, even simple parties benefit from good dj software.

You are in control of this party and the atmosphere is contagious. The energy peaks and ebbs but the mood is consistently upbeat. By the end of the evening it will be apparent that everyone had a great time. This is a party you can do on a regular basic and it's relaxing. Most of your preparation was done before the party started. Your dancers have a heads up on upcoming dances and you decided to scroll the title and artist on the marquee. Everything is under control, you have queued several requests and have time to dance yourself. A large screen TV or a projector will add energy to your party and is more versatile and much easier to handle than lighting.

Your job is to manage a large party and coordinate music, images, video and lighting. You know this party is well organized with a lot of general dancing, some mixers, a great showcase performances and a chance to use the ever popular Lotto Roll for several door prizes. Your playlist is full of great music, some neat images, a poster announcing another big upcoming event and you are anxious to see the reaction to the hot new MTV you just downloaded. At 10PM you have programmed the house lights to slowly dim and scheduled a particular song that will set a new mood. Shortly after this your showcase performers are scheduled and want their music and lighting exactly so with the lighting synced to their choreography. Everything looked great in rehearsal, it's canned now and will be exciting to see. Everything is going smooth it looks like a good time to scroll a marquee message on the mystery ear ring.


The following images show Dancing DJ powering parties of moderate complexity using a party Marquee. Videos from various parties.

 'Powered by Dedicated DJ' parties

  Just Dance Ballroom CNY 2009  Dance Marquee  DJ Booth 

 New Years Eve

 Chinese New Years

  Google+ Party

For over 10 years Dedicated DJ has built many software party solutions. Our focus has always been on helping you deliver the best party experience possible.