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CATEGORY - ddj-3g Media Player  

  Dancing DJ ddj-3g   Latest and most powerful of the line of Dedicated DJ players. Drag-drop your music to one of the grids and in a few minutes you will have assembled your first playlist. more...

For Windows 7, 8 and 10


 CATEGORY - Lighting Control


This lighting controller is fast, powerful and fully featured. Two banks of 16 faders each slide along the full 512 channel spectrum allowing you to quickly adjust and save your cues. The dual bank integration allows bubble up and bubble down to enable preset adjustments or bank swaps.  Cues, shows and other control sequences can be run in manual or automatic mode. Every cue has both its own fade and hold time.

Light Boogie also incorporates Cuelists and Scenes. Cuelists are lists of Cues quite analogous to song playlists. A single Cuelist can also have Scenes. Scenes are basically two or more cues within the same Cuelist and used to quickly swap moods or effects either manually or automatically. Both Cuelists and Scenes support fade and hold times for accurate swapping and crossfading betwen cues. 

Download this controller and you will quickly understand how simple and fun lighting can be. Since this lighting controller is fully functional even without an USB interface you can build and run your lighting show and view the results in the Output monitor. Later add a lighting interface to put it to work.

Custom settings for shows, cues, faders, sub-masters, patch lists are all stored in easy to edit XML files, editable with any text editor and instantly hot swappable. The control interface is the popular, open source Enttec USB Pro or compatible devices.

Light Boogie

CATEGORY - Audience Communication & Entertainment   (FREE)

Dual Monitor Software
The following application was specifically designed to help communicate with and entertain an audience on a second monitor or other remote display such as on a TV or projector. While a remote display is recommended for full functionality it will work well on single monitor computers.

 8 Ball Lotto Roll lottery

This random number generator is guaranteed to be fun. It simulates a roll of numbered balls and both displays and announces the winning number. You need only enter the the lowest number and the highest number and press 'Roll'. Winning numbers will not repeat until all numbers have been called. Lottery Roll display is animated and full screen, so you will have the best results on computers with a second monitor or attached projector. Lotto Roll utilizes the text to speech capability of your computer and allows you to select any installed voice and adjust both pitch and volume. This application is often used at parties to pick door prize winners.
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