Dedicated DJ

ddj-3g and Light Boogie

ddj-3g and Light Boogie cooperate to deliver integrated music, video and lighting streams.

Using both programs together offers powerful advantages over separate music and lighting systems. ddj-3g can request lighting moods or cues that will be recognized, supplied and maintained by Light Boogie. The result is a very powerful ability to script an event and also to set lights to match not only beats but also the mood of the music.

Scripting of playlists and lighting cues can be done off-line and saved for quick recall. For many events a single person can handle music, video and lighting.

While both progrms can be run on a single computer it is often beneficial to have two computers. An extra keyboard and an extra video display can make operations more comfortable.

Note that there are typically three functional display operations. One for ddj-3g music control and a second for it's integrated video/image output. A second computer, if available, would suppy both a second keyboard and the display for lighting control. Two computers operating concurrently also gives a high assurance of non-stop operations.

Communications between cooperating computers can be established with any networked computer. Simple networks solutions include a single ethernet cable or a wi-fi box. The DMX lighting stream is a USB device and USB is also often preferred for the sound output with HDMI preferred for the video stream.

Even relatively inexpensive modern Windows portables have the necessary outputs, memory and processing power to handle both of these programs simultaneously.